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The World of Karl Lagerfeld

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Everybody knows Karl Lagerfeld – at least everybody who pretends to be an admirer of good taste.

Despite the undisputed qualities in terms of his creations, he is also a very interesting person. Here is a documentary about him, made by CNN. The dialogue between him and the reporter is delicious. He just cannot help giving surprising answers, like this ones:

“When people come up to him and say “I’m your biggest fan,” he responds, “Oh yeah, do you know where the store is?”

” If Coco could see what he’s done with the label what would she say?” –  “She’d hate it!”

“I am born for the battlefield. Competition is healthy you know. Some people would like the idea of no competition so they can keep the position for the rest of their lives, but no, there has to be a kind of danger all the time. I think it’s very healthy, it makes you better.”

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