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Je suis Winnie l’Ourson

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2012 at 11:44 am

You might think this collection of photos is nothing but an irony to the Disney characters that we grew up with. This it would be a sever misunderstanding. The pictorial made by Benjamin Bechet is actually a play with the concept of identity in the way Luigi Pirandello explained it in his book, “One, none, or a hundred thousand”. The main idea is that we cannot have just one, but many identities, according to the perception the others have about us.

This is how Disney characters play different roles to show us that in our society people can be more than we might believe about them. “I have put superheroes, icons, celebrities known throughout the world into these marginal shoes. To serve as a reminder that what you see is never what you get, that people are always more complex, that each identity is only partial and that we are all one, none and a hundred thousand”, he explains on his website.

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  1. Atât de amărât e bietul Spiderman. Pun pariu că e român.

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